Friday, October 1, 2010

Good morning from Taiwan ^.^

Part One of my 1st day in Taiwan~ Sorry for the lack of pictures, can't find my memory card reader, will upload pics later~ Miss you guys all ^_______________^

Alright after 13 hour in a tiny little seat aboard a tiny plane, I have finally arrived in Taiwan.

* Newly opened 7 in airport!! sooo awesome with lots of yummy food and nice stuff that you can stock up on before your flight!*
After renting cellphone for me me and Rosa it was over to see our friend Yvonne in Tao Yuan, as always I over packed way too much stuff and it was getting too tiresome to drag our 3 large suit case plus our carry-on around! (Michelle ...... I am soooo sorry but when the luggage came off of the carousel it is broken a little bit on the bottom, I can still wheel it and everything but I feel really really bad T.T so if you are really sure about wanting SK II I will bring back a bottle for you, or I will reimburse you with a new luggage when I come back .. OH I got a box of chocolate to take to Ken's parents when I go visit them at di hua street too, and I will let them know that you personally picked it out for them!)

Good news that Yvonne offer to take them off of our hands and dropping them off later on in Taipei because our day 1st day in Taiwan is barely getting started, after a cup of coffee with Yvonne we moved on to one of the main event of the trip to Taiwan, our hair, to make a long story short after 8 whole hours, we finally stepped out of the salon with our new hair style and new color !!! ( I have been in chairs for about 20 hours straight now T.T I will posting up some pictures after I get them from Rosa's camera)
*Why is that weird lookng machince eating My hair ??*
and after 12 whole hours after the plane has landed at around 6:00pm, we arrived at our hotel in Taiwan, love the room that we got upgraded too and the people at the counter are awesome as always! after seeing the room I decided to open the curtains and the window to get some fresh airs in but once the curtains were yanked open I was literally seeing eye to eye at the crowd of people waiting in the Da Ann Metro station waiting the train! Thats how close our hotel is to the station !!
As much as we just want to sleep for like 24 hours in the bed there is no rest for the wicked ( or for someone who have really weird time table) By 7:00pm My butt is already in the doctor's office for my appointment to to laser on my face. after a brief consultation, we decide to do not 1 but 2 type of laser on my face, I was lead into a nice tiny room to clean my face and layer on the cream that kind of numbs your face so you won't feel like punching your doctors later on ( And to be honest, that thought did pop into my head multiple times in the next couple of hours)

I don't have a final decision on if this procedure is recommended or not since I am still in the "Recovery phase" so will update on this in a couple of days!
Soooo Jet lagged right now .. went to sleep at 12:00am woke up at 4:30am and finished this post at 5:20 am, well time for some breakfast!


  1. hey lisa so u went back to ur hometown?? so how was ur overall vacation fun?

  2. hi!
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