Friday, October 1, 2010

Good morning from Taiwan ^.^

Part One of my 1st day in Taiwan~ Sorry for the lack of pictures, can't find my memory card reader, will upload pics later~ Miss you guys all ^_______________^

Alright after 13 hour in a tiny little seat aboard a tiny plane, I have finally arrived in Taiwan.

* Newly opened 7 in airport!! sooo awesome with lots of yummy food and nice stuff that you can stock up on before your flight!*
After renting cellphone for me me and Rosa it was over to see our friend Yvonne in Tao Yuan, as always I over packed way too much stuff and it was getting too tiresome to drag our 3 large suit case plus our carry-on around! (Michelle ...... I am soooo sorry but when the luggage came off of the carousel it is broken a little bit on the bottom, I can still wheel it and everything but I feel really really bad T.T so if you are really sure about wanting SK II I will bring back a bottle for you, or I will reimburse you with a new luggage when I come back .. OH I got a box of chocolate to take to Ken's parents when I go visit them at di hua street too, and I will let them know that you personally picked it out for them!)

Good news that Yvonne offer to take them off of our hands and dropping them off later on in Taipei because our day 1st day in Taiwan is barely getting started, after a cup of coffee with Yvonne we moved on to one of the main event of the trip to Taiwan, our hair, to make a long story short after 8 whole hours, we finally stepped out of the salon with our new hair style and new color !!! ( I have been in chairs for about 20 hours straight now T.T I will posting up some pictures after I get them from Rosa's camera)
*Why is that weird lookng machince eating My hair ??*
and after 12 whole hours after the plane has landed at around 6:00pm, we arrived at our hotel in Taiwan, love the room that we got upgraded too and the people at the counter are awesome as always! after seeing the room I decided to open the curtains and the window to get some fresh airs in but once the curtains were yanked open I was literally seeing eye to eye at the crowd of people waiting in the Da Ann Metro station waiting the train! Thats how close our hotel is to the station !!
As much as we just want to sleep for like 24 hours in the bed there is no rest for the wicked ( or for someone who have really weird time table) By 7:00pm My butt is already in the doctor's office for my appointment to to laser on my face. after a brief consultation, we decide to do not 1 but 2 type of laser on my face, I was lead into a nice tiny room to clean my face and layer on the cream that kind of numbs your face so you won't feel like punching your doctors later on ( And to be honest, that thought did pop into my head multiple times in the next couple of hours)

I don't have a final decision on if this procedure is recommended or not since I am still in the "Recovery phase" so will update on this in a couple of days!
Soooo Jet lagged right now .. went to sleep at 12:00am woke up at 4:30am and finished this post at 5:20 am, well time for some breakfast!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Look at our cutie Suwonne ^^

This was an event celebrating the recovery of Seoul 60 years ago, and as you can see he really has not change at all from his days in Jekki, when I saw this picture I thought he looked like he is in his mid 20's !
I am super jealous of the girl holding him tight in the picture and she even got J-Walk's 3rd album signed by our cutie pie Suwonne!
Can't believe it's almost been 10 month since Suwonne went into the army, but it is good that every couple of month they release some pictures of him to the public (Now if only that is true for some other Jekki memebers... Jiyong/Sunghoon/Jaejin)
The pictures was pulled from the chinese 1n2d site and the Chinese Jekki forum.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Suddenly... I miss Jiyong Oppa a lot....

Here are some completely random pictures of Jiyong Oppa that I have saved on my computer~ he really is great looking and great looking hair too!!
This one is definitely one of my fav, he just looks like a pissed off prince charming in white ^^;; there is just something about Jiyong when he doesn't smile he looks a little stern and mad. And another reason is this was taken in my country Taiwan back when DSP was trying to push Jekki into other countries (uggghh just typing DSP makes me want to throw rotten eggs at them yuck!!)

This is one of my fav styles from him ! my blond bad boy ~ This is the official look of "Just Stop there like that " from Jekki's 4th album. Fancy looking no?~

This is definitely after Jekki broke up but I have no idea when, but he just looks soooo good, he belongs in front of fans........

I think the last picture is the most recent one, again I have no idea when it was taken but you can see he no longer have that boyish look on his face, instead when I see this picture I feel like he has found someone in his life already, he has that content look on his face~

Well as long as they are happy, I am happy with it too, they can't stay single and stay the fans forever, as long as they find someone who loves them right?

No Comment..... Really?? I have one~

I think of my self as one of the biggest fan of Jiwon/ Jekki, and I have supported and love everything that they do unconditionally, but his new single is really starting to worry me, I am not referring to the song with Jiwon and Suwon called You are my VIP but the other song "No Comment".

I just don't want him to get in trouble or attack by the netziens!! it really really sounds too much like the slim shady song, I like the song, like the way his voice sound without too much auto tone in this song, like the way he speaks in English, the thing is the part that really sounds like the slim shady song is only the front and the end part, really wished he had cut out those part.

The thing I don't get is that I believe Keeproots is better than this, he has written some great song for him self and for Jiwon before! I am hoping they did get the rights to spin off of the slim shady.

Anyways no surprise there but I absolutely LOVE the song You are my VIP with Suwonne, THANK YOU JAMA for letting me know that it was out ~!! I ran out of my work place like 5 minutes earlier today ! And usually I stay behind for like an extra half an hour LOL!! people were asking me if I had an appointment some where, I told them yes! I have one with my laptop!! Suwon's voice I felt even improved from the last time I heard him sing, it is more clear more distinctive than before, and Jiwon's voice is soooo ~! Too much auto tone on this one though but a great great great song no doubt about it, now a wait to see if there is a MV for it !!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

They are my VIP.

Aww look at Jiwonne being mean to Suwonne in this drawing! This is the relationship I remember between Jiwon and Suwon, Jiwon tormenting Suwon because Suwon is the youngest while Suwon just smiles his silly and goofy smile and takes it because Jiwonne is the oldest T.T
Anyway, back to the point of this post, a couple of month ago I translated an interview done with Jiwon about what he planning to do in 2010, in it he stated that he wanted to release around 6 digital singles.

At the time and even right now I found it kind of crazy because it just feels like he does not have enough time, and now half of 2010 is over and he is just getting around to release his 2nd digital single, I am glad that he is taking his sweet time because I would rather he do an excellent job with fewer songs rather than an okay job with a lot of song, and his last single While buzzed I really really really like (Okay that cute MV with him it helped a lot also ^^;;)

The name I believe is You are my V.I.P and it is ......... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......... FT our lovely youngster of Jekki JANG SUWON!!!!!

At first when I saw this info I immediately jump to the conclusion that the song was featuring Jaeduc oppa because he just came out of the army not too long ago, then I remember reading somewhere that Suwonne had recorded a song with Jiwonne before he had left for the army.

It feels a little strange because judging by the song title, this feels like a hiphop song, it will be very interesting to see what Suwonne's part is in this song (Maybe Jiwonne will make Suwone rap!! That will be a first!) Just by the song title alone I like the song already, adding in the fact that it has our adorkable Suwon I absolutely LOVE the song already, now I just need to hear it T.T;; Oh well by the time I get home from work tomorrow the song will be released already !! What a great way to get the week started ! Who is my VIP??? or course the Jekki oppas!! They are my V.I.B!!.........




Just kidding~ Have a great week everyone!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

YAY!! June 8th is here!!

Well not where I am at but in Korea it is already 06/08 soooo HAPPY Birthday Jiwonne oppa!

I have already posted like 5 diffrent message at 5 diffrent website so I am running out of new things to say T.T

Posted at

I am really really grateful that I was able to have gotten to know you before Jekki oppa broke up..
You have brought me happiness beyond believe but you have also made me cry more than any other guys that I know..

Yet I have no intention of leaving and forgetting about you (and the rest of the Jekk oppas) I feel like you guys are my drug of choice ! Taking a line from Twilight " You are my personal brand of Heroin"

My only wish is that I could rewind time and relive that short period of time when I first got to know you, so I can see those innocent yet charisma smile once again...

May ALL of your wish comes true....

Eternal Jekki Leader Eun Ji Won....


Posted at

A little early but just want to sincerly wish Jekki's eternal leader Jiwonne oppa happy birthday!
from a little boy to hottie young men to choding to married CEO I feel bless to be able to see you in all these stage
even if you are married I think we are still allow to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIWONNE OPPA on your special day and we love you all the same

Posted at Soompi Thread

Ohhh! when I saw the magazine pictures that was posted above, I ran around the house looking for like a magnifying glasses, he looks really really good /hot in the picture and the way he was looking at the camera ~!! And we still can't see Mrs Eun's full face T.T

Wow.... I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted
missed this thread a lot and all the ladies too ^^
I am sad to say that in my vacation in march I did not get a chance to got to Korea~ (Mom decided to tag along for the trip and it would just be a TAD weird to have mom asking why I am trying to chase/stalk a certain someone T.T)
But while I was in Taiwan I did get a chance to comb through some cd store and found a little something ~ I found Jiwonne's 1st solo album that was released in Taiwan(Same picture as the Korean ones but it came with translations for the lyrics!!), and Jekki's 2nd Taiwan album (just a mix of their songs from 1st to 4th album but the pictures in them are soooooo cute ^^)

Anywayz on this special day ~ Just wanted to resurface and say that Jiwonne Oppa ~ Happy birthday!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

look at baby Suwonne in full army gear~

OH baby suwonne !! I Have missed you soooo much T.T wish we can see new picture of you everyday~

I am really glad to see that you are looking healthy and fit please don't work too hard and just get plenty of rest and food and take care of your self and return to us soon!!

Photo credit EJW DCINSIDE